PC & Printer £25
PC or Printer £20
Software £15

Upgrades (Ask if unsure which category your part falls under)
Basic Items £20
(Memory, Graphics Card, Sound Card, CD/DVD Drive, Hard Drive)
Complex Items £30
(Motherboard, Cases, Network Cards, CPU)
Hard Drive Data Transfer £20

Repairs (Labour charge & cost of replacement parts). £30 initial charge.
Basic Charge £15 per hour
Unsociable Hours £20 per hour

System Health Check £50
Health check includes: Full Windows tweaking, AV Scan, Spyware Scan, removal of unwanted programs, registry clear, disk cleanup, advise on upgrades, system valet.

Security Services
Full AV Scan £20 per pc
Full Spyware Scan £20 per pc
Securing Wireless Network £30
Internet Audit £30 per pc
Firewall install & setup £20 per pc
Extra charges may be incurred if software is purchased and installed following scans & advice.

Data Services
Data Deletion
upto 40gig hard drive £30
40-120gig hard drive £90
120gig+ hard drive £120
Data Recovery £15 per file
£50 per disk

Web Design Packages: All web design packages include Domain Name, Hosting & maintenance:
Basic (3 Pages) £99
Complex (10 Pages) £153
Extra Pages £10

Tutoring £10 per hour

Calvnet operate a No Fix – No Fee service. All work carried out by Calvnet Computer Services carries a 12 month guarantee un less otherwise stated on the receipt. This guarantee will be void if any incompatible hardware or software has been installed or the settings have been changed causing the item to fail.

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