Service Guarantee
Calvnet Computer Services guarantee that we wont charge you a penny if we cannot fix your computer if you call us out. Also, if the same fault occurs within 6 months of us fixing it, you will only pay for replacement parts, there will be no call out fee.

This offer does not apply if the fault has been caused by negligence or conflicting software/hardware that has been installed by a third party other than Calvnet.


Price Guarantee
We check the prices of our competitors regularly and we are confident that you will not find any product we sell cheaper anywhere else. This does not include shops or online retailers who are offering it at special or sale prices.

If you do find any product cheaper elsewhere then tell us where it is and we will beat the price, we will also lower our price so that everyone in future can enjoy the same low price.

As the prices of computer components fluctuates so much, this offer is only available up to the actual point of sale, once you have paid for your product the price guarantee is no longer applicable.

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