The table shows some sample PC specifications and the price excluding VAT that you would pay. All of our PCs have the option to change any components or any

  part of the system, ie larger hard disk, change of monitor or printer etc.

Keep checking back for our online PC Builder where you choose the components to make up the PC and get a final price to order straight away.

  Contact us via the online quote form or give us a call to discuss your requirements. All custom PCs come with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee and a further 2 years from Calvnet, there is an option to purchase a further 2 years on top of this giving you five years of warranty in total.
Intel Cel 2200 Intel P4 2800 Intel P4 3400
 Motherboard ASUS P4V8X Asrock P4VM800 MSI 848p
 Case(from price range) £20-30 £30-40 £50+
 Hard Drive 40gig 80gig 200gig
 Graphics 64Meg AGP 128meg AGP 256meg PCI-E
 Sound 5.1 Onboard Soundblaster 6.1 card Soundblaster Audigy
 Monitor X 17" CRT 17" TFT
 Printer X Canon ip1600 Epson R200
 OS Windows XP Home Windows XP Home Windows XP Pro
 Opticals  52x CDRW 16x DVD ROM DVD R/RW
 RAM 256meg 512meg 2gig
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